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  Proprietary Card Reader
  Proprietary Card Reader
Stainless Steel
Temperature Probes
  • Temperature resistant cable
  • Silicon sensor  with voltage output directly proportional to temperature
  • PT100 4 wires precision platinum sensor
  • Thermocouple
Stainless steel temperature probe 0-100 based on silicon sensor

Stainless steel temperature probe 0-180 based on platinum sensor

Thermocouple (K,J,S,T) conditioner/amplifier See price list
Conditioner/amplifier for PT100 platinum sensors
  • Operates at 3V/9V
  • Any output Range 0-2V/0-10V
  • Any input range 0-50/0-500C
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Conditioner is supplied with enclosure. Image shows circuit board only.
Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Precision Relative Humidity Sensors
  • Several ranges available 0-5V; 0-2V; 0-1V;
  • Supply 5.1V-18V


Relative Humidity sensors 0-10V
Unit Meteo 4
  • Barometric pressure
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Luxmeter
  • Rain
Microclima-Meteorological unit, temperature, RH, pressure, Rain, luxmeter
Gas Sensors
  • CO2 Microprocessor controlled 380-10000 ppm self calibrating
  • CO
  • NOx
CO2 sensor 0-10000 ppm Microprocessor controlled
Precison Water Level Meter

Sub-millimetric water level monitoring

Sub millimetric level meter
Ultrasound Level Meter
  • Level of liquids without moving parts.
  • Avoid corrosion and contact with liquids
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Rotating and linear position sensors See price list
Alarm or buzzer for dataloggers See price list
Battery chargers
Power suppliers
See price list
External connection board:
  • Get all datalogger inputs on screw terminals
  • Relay for external equipment
  • Over-voltage protection
Expansion board reading 12 on/off switches and
one 0-100VDC input
See price list
Special Parts and Cabling
Instrumentation amplifier for F100 See price list
Photo barriers for counters Contact us
High Voltage Contact us
Read AC Voltages Contact us
PC Data acquisition units
Other custom sensors
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