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Surge protected Datalogger

Up to 64 Inputs F880-64

  Total electrical insulation
  Differential inputs
  Large Memory 1 Mbit
  Fully stand alone
  Weatherproof IP65 case
  Run your own software
  Sampling can also be trigged by an external switch or event
  Software for Windows,
  USB / RS232 download

  • The datalogger F880 has been designed for monitoring of pipelines or other large structures subject to strong surges.
  • Monitoring of sensors placed in deep wells.
  • Environmental monitoring plants like landslide monitoring plants.
  • Differential monitoring of sensors or sources having large voltage differences from one to the other.
  • Acquisition in remote areas.
  • Acquisition where a combination of large memory and low power is required.
  • Acquisition situations requiring flexibility and control of external devices or sensors by the datalogger.
  • Channels do not share a common ground and can even measure 150V one to the other.
  • Inputs protected by gas discharger preventing sparks to jump across electrical insulation.
  • USB / RS232 cables for PC connection
    Accessories are sold separately
  • Operating temperature: -40C + 85C
  • Protection index: IP65
  • Analog channels : 8/16/32/64 with screw connector.
  • Analog input ranges: 0-2.56V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 1.28V, 2.56V, 5V, 10V, 100V.
  • Antialiasing filter: for acquisition of "dirty" signals.
  • Digital filter: excludable for fast data acquisition.
  • Digital inputs: 1 counter (65535 counts per measure with debouncer to prevent false counts)
  • Trigger input: sampling can be trigged by an external event or signal.
  • Relay output: 200 mA to switch external equipment on at sampling time.
  • Sampling interval: programmable from 1/32 to 16777216 seconds.
  • Internal date and time clock in DOS/UNIX format.
  • Power supply: 3 ( lithium 3.6V) or 4 (3x1.5V AAA).
  • Sensors can be powered on by the datalogger.