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Datalogger MK400

XD™ Memory Card

  Very Large Memory
  Fully stand alone
  Stainless steel case
  multiple range inputs
  4 channels s 0-10V 4-20 mA Thermocouples, RDT, PT100,  0-2V & millivolts.
  Built in voltage Amplifiers
  Log temperature
  Display & graphics
  Relay & TTL outputs
  Run your C code
  Operating system with files and alarms.

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  • The datalogger MK400 has been designed in order to provide  logging from standard voltage sources and sensors and voltage.
  • Acquisition where a combination of large memory and low power is required.
  • Acquisition situations requiring total flexibility and control of external devices or sensors by the datalogger.
  • Acquisitions requiring high speed sampling rate.
  • Can be used as portable oscilloscope with memory (software required).
What’s New with Geosignal MK400
  • MK400 is a small portable computer/datalogger storing data on XD™ memory cards. It is equipped a fast 12 bit ADC,  PC Communication port , analog/digital inputs and outputs.
    MK400 comes with a free C compiler that allows you to write and load special acquisition programs written in C or assembler.
    The instrument is provided with a display that can visualise the input like a voltmeter.
  • XD™ Cards.
  • Battery packs
  • USB Cable
  • Software for oscilloscope
    Accessories are sold separately
  • Stainless steel case
  • Analog channels : 4 auto-ranging; 0-10V / 4-20 mA PT100, thermocouples/ high speed with amplifier, counter, trigger
  • Digital inputs/outputs: 2 programmable TTL inputs/outputs/counter.
  • Trigger input: sampling can be trigged by an external event or signal.
  • Sampling interval: programmable from KHZ  to days.
  • Preloaded with operating system PICDOS 2.02
  • Power supply: 3.6V Li-Ion rechargeable battery. .
  • Programmable serial port for input and output.
  • Memory: XD™ Memory Card 512MB /1GB