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Precision level transducer

Water Level PL100, PL50

  Stainless steel construction
  Detachable IP67 datalogger
(plug-in / plug-out)
  Suits 50/100 mm bores
  Several ranges available

Click here for pressure level loggers for smaller or deeper bores

  • Sub-millimetric monitoring of level / flow in wells, tanks & streams
What’s New with Geosignal PL100
  • PF100 is a precision transducer based on a small float that produces a position
    output, which is not dependent to the atmospheric pressure.
    Data is stored on a detachable datalogger type RF100 that can easily swapped, stored in a pocket and brought home for download and analysis in front a cup of coffee.
    If a special event or condition requires to be monitored in detail then RF100
    can run its own internal software.