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Wireless Synchronous Dataloggers R400

4-20mA 0-5V 0-10V Inputs

  Large Memory 1 Mbit
  Multi-point synchronous
  Real time readings from
  Up to 255 units
  Licence Free
  Analog & counter inputs
  Relay & TTL outputs
  Run your own software
  Sampling can also be trigged by an external switch or event
  Software for Windows


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  • The datalogger R400 has been designed to allow synchronous acquisition from several units not physically connected one to the other.
  • Acquisition in industrial environments with standard industrial sensors like 4-20mA, 0-5V and 0-10V.
  • High speed acquisition from different mechanical parts in movement where no cables are allowed, but the same time basis is required.
  • Robot monitoring.
  • Monitoring of moving machinery.
  • Monitoring of vibration of mechanical components.
  • Acquisition situations requiring flexibility and control of external devices or sensors by the datalogger.
  • The datalogger can be employed outdoor and indoor.
  • 10-bit detailed acquisition 4 times higher than typical 8-bit products.
What’s New with Geosignal R400
  • The difference between R400 and other wireless dataloggers is simple:
  • High speed acquisition and multi-point real time synchronous capability.
  • For example: you need to monitor the collision or the simple movement of two moving objects completely disconnected one to the other with the same exact time basis in real time as well.
  • Yes, you can do that by using R400, allowing up to 255 dataloggers to read, store and communicate with the same software at the same time on the same licence free radio band.
  • Not enough! It is possible to program a unit as master unit in order to activate the others on occurrence of an event happening to the master unit.
  • Radio base unit for PC connection.
  • External connection board that grants access to all inputs and outputs.
  • Pressure sensors.
  • Rotating position sensor Resistive 360 (340 effective)

  • Accessories are sold separately
  • Operating temperature: -40C + 85C
  • Protection index: IP65
  • Operating frequency: UHF 433.92 MHZ
  • Analog channels : 4 combination of 4-20 mA, 0-5V 0-10V, 0-4.096V
  • Large Screw connector: 4 inputs plus power, trigger and counter.
  • AD converter: 12 bit (0.001V resolution)
  • Digital filter: excludable for fast data acquisition.
  • Digital input: Counter (65535 counts per measure with debouncer to prevent false counts)
  • Trigger input: sampling can be trigged by an external event or signal.
  • Digital outputs: 4 TTL outputs.
  • Relay output: 200 mA to switch external equipment on at sampling time.
  • Sampling interval: programmable from 5000 HZ to one day.
  • Power supply: 3V lithium batteries or external 6V.
  • Sensors can be powered by the datalogger.
  • 254 lines of customisable procedure including some programming.
  • Memory: 1Mbit of Static RAM plus 6800 samples in Flash memory.
  • 12 internal registers for storing further data.
  • More than 50 powerful commands including memory unerase.