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  • XD Card Dataloggers
    Memory card datalogger Stainless steel datalogger with removable memory card. Made in Australia

    Single Channel Dataloggers
    Low Cost Temperature TW102: low cost contactless compact waterproof temperature logger. Made in Australia
    Pressure PF100: New pressure & position monitoring concept! Made in Australia

    Multiple Channel Dataloggers
    Low Cost Low power IP65 loggers for general applications. Made in Australia
    Industrial F848: TC, RDT, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA IP67 Data Loggers for industrial applications. Made in Australia
    Bulletproof Insulation F880: Totally insulated positive/negative inputs IP65. Made in Australia
    High-speed acquisition FAST: Fast sampling Data Loggers for special applications. Made in Australia
    Wireless Multi-Point R400: Radio high speed synchronous acquisition from multiple Data Loggers. Made in Australia
    Hydrogeology & other geo-applications
    Water level, rock / soil stability Sub-millimetric monitoring of wells, rock & slopes by using Data Loggers

    Special applications Data Loggers
    Custom / Submersible / Special Custom designed datalogger and sensors for special applications.

    Software, Sensors, Accessories
    Software For PC, Windows
    Probes & Sensors Probes, multi-function sensors, cables, expansion boards, and more!
    Pressure Sensors Several different ranges and outputs available.
    PIXSYS Controllers The state of the art in temperature and process controllers.
    Price list Product selection list with prices.

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