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XP101K USB LoggerDisk ™
USB Flash Drive Pressure
Data Logger

  Fully stand alone
  Operate as a Flash drive
  No Software Required
  Work on most Operating Systems
  Work on Tablets, Android
  Easy Switchable Bar/Psi.
  Temperature Compensated.
  Ranges: 6.8 Bar to 680 Bar
  Ranges: 100 Psi to 10K Psi
  Memory 3.9 million Samples
  16 bit resolution
  1000 Samples per Second
  Rechargeable Battery
 Stainless Steel IP67 Case
 Food Safe (Type B).
 Customisable for Aggressive Fluids

XP101K-A   250 Psi / 17.2 Bar
XP101K-B   100 Psi / 10000 Psi

XP101K is a family of precision flash drive pressure data loggers achieving 1KHZ sample rate. These pressure datalogger have been designed in order to operate under any computer or smart device capable of reading and writing generic external USB drives. 
Easy to use and program. Scan Rate programming is done by editing a text file residing in the drive, data is downloaded by copying/opening the data file of the internal drive pressure data logger. The device is immediately recognised by most computers.

Download PDF:
XP101K Pressure Data Logger User Manual and Specifications


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XP101K-(Model) B

  • Acquisition of water main pressure and pressure bursts.
  • Compressor monitoring.
  • Hydraulic oil pressure monitoring (Heavy Machinery).
  • Compressed air monitoring.
  • Monitoring of fluid or gases under pressure.
  • Customisable for aggressive fluids: Please enquire.
  • Operating temperature: -20C + 85C
  • Protection index: IP67.
  • Easy Swap/Conversion of measurement units and data: Bar / Psi
  • Slope/Offset calibration.
  • Programmable scan rate from 1 millisecond  1 second to one day.
  • Programmable starting time.
  • Password protected.
  • Power supply: 2 x 1.2V NIMH battery.
  • XP101K-A: Temperature compensated 0-50 C
  • 250 Psi / 17.2 BAR
  • XP101K-B: Sensor Single piece SS construction; compensated 0-55 C; Long Term 0.25% Stability  
  • XP101K-B 100 Psi / 6.8 BAR
  • XP101K-B 250 Psi / 17.2 BAR
  • XP101K-B 1000 Psi / 68 BAR
  • XP101K-B 5000 Psi / 340 BAR
  • XP101K-B 10000 Psi / 680 BAR